​*Phone Interview is done first then call in daily

*Completed Application (Application below, fax or mail pages 7-14) 

*General Rules Agreement (read pg. 4, fax or mail signature on pg. 7)

* Student Agreement (read pg. 5, fax or mail signature sheet on pg. 7)

* Work Therapy Agreement (read pg. 6, fax or mail signature sheet on pg. 7)

*Health Screening (medical provider to fax lab results & complete pg 19, 20) 

*Medical and Dental Care up to date

*Legal matters resolved or postponed (official letter required)

*Bus Fare and/or Transportation fees 

*Identification (Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Military ID, etc.)

*Entrance & Tuition Fees (payable to Teen Challenge of MS, Inc.) 

*Student’s personal spending money

*Student’s items & clothing (list of required/allowed items, pg. 3)

*All checks are payable to Teen Challenge of Mississippi. ​


To download the printable application for admission, click the link.